The Gospel of Luke - Chapter 4


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1. 4:1–2. Why do you think the Holy Spirit would expose Jesus to temptation by leading him into the desert? Why do you think he allows you to experience temptation?   I think that the Holy Spirit would expose Jesus to temptation by leading him into the desert to help us later when we are tempted.  I think that Jesus would allow us to experience temptation to show us what He experienced.

2. 4:1–13. How does Luke’s version of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness plot the course of Jesus’ ministry?  Traditionally associated with Lent, with temptation, testing and Lenten restraints.  Not eating for forty days was Jesus' test.  Giving up things during Lent for forty days; but Jesus sacrificed himself for us.

3.  4:12. Jesus here quotes Deut 6:16. What does it mean to "tempt the Lord your God"? How is that different from "taking a step out in faith"?   To tempt the Lord your God means that we are asking for something that is not considered being faithful to the Lord, but faithful to Satan.  Taking a step out in faith means that that we have no belief that the Lord is there with us at all times.  The Lord will provide help to keep us in faith; we have to just believe in Him.

4.  4:18–19. When Jesus quotes Is 61:1–2, how does his audience understand the meaning of the passage? What did Isaiah mean by referring to the jubilee year?  His audience does understand the meaning of the passage by referring to examples of His works:  to bring glad tidings to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives, to let the oppressed go free, and to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord.  Isaiah meaning of the jubilee year is that the captives would be have their liberty.

5.  4:25–30. When Jesus invokes the missions of Elijah and Elisha to explain his own ministry, how does he apply them to his own work?    Jesus portrayed Himself as a prophet like Elijah and Elisha by applying examples of what Elijah and Elisha had done: they helped to explain why the initial admiration of the people turns to rejection; and they provide the scriptural justification for the future Christian mission to the Gentiles.


6. 4:39. What does Simon’s mother-in-law do when Jesus heals her? How has Jesus’ grace in your life influenced your social behavior?   After Simon’s mother-in-law got healed by Jesus, he got up right away and waited on them.  Jesus’ grace has influenced my life in many ways:  giving me the strength to accept things that I cannot change with my son, keeping the Lord’s faith always not matter what has happened and is happening, and much more.

7. 4:43. How is the kingdom of Christ associated with the kingdom of David? How does Vatican II’s Lumen Gentium describe this kingdom as it exists now?  The kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of David were associated by David representing aspects of Christ through David’s reign as king.  David would try to bring peace and prosperity to his reigning land by putting down the enemies.  Vatican II’s Lumen Gentium describes this kingdom as it exists now as our Catholic Church.

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